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"Sorted Edward's branch line for him, have you?"
— Gordon ribbing James

Points of No Return is a 1990 annual story.


James wishes he could have a branch line to himself, but as Gordon and Henry point out to him, he wouldn't like the shunting involved. Later that day, when James pulls into Wellsworth station at speed, he is diverted into the bay platform! James' driver applies the brakes and he stops just in time. Unluckily for James, the lock on the points has jammed and he is stuck in the bay platform. Bertie arrives to take the passengers home, but James has to stay on Edward's Branch Line for a few weeks. At first he enjoys it, but soon the routine of shunting bores him and is delighted when the points are mended. Gordon is quick to mention branch lines and shunting when James arrives at the sheds.




  • Bertie does not have eyebrows.
  • Henry appears to be in his old shape.


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