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Pocket Fantasy was a range made by Bandai from 2002 to 2012.

Playmat sets

Four series of the playmat sets were released from 2002 to 2005.

New updated sets were produced starting in 2008.

  • Basic Set (includes playmat with Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Stepney, Mavis, Rusty, Bertie, Harold, and Sir Topham Hatt)
  • Variety Set (includes playmat with Thomas, Jack Frost Percy, Emily, Spencer, Salty, Harvey, Lady, Diesel 10, Skarloey, Peter Sam, The Jet Engine, Terence, Jack, Alfie, Thumper, and decorated Elizabeth)
  • Cinema Set (includes playmat with Thomas, Percy, Oliver, Diesel 10, Hiro, Belle, Flynn, Den, Harold, and Sir Topham Hatt)


  • Station (includes Thomas, truck, and Boulder; discontinued)
  • Round and round Island (two versions; includes Thomas, Percy, Terence, Mail Coaches, and The Post Van)
  • Shunting Yard (includes Thomas with angry expression and Caroline)
  • Knapford Station (includes Thomas with troubled expression and Daisy; discontinued)
  • Cargo Harbour (includes Murdoch)
  • Stone Quarry
  • Engine Sheds
  • Thomas and Harold Air Block Rail Set (includes motorized Thomas with James, Henry, and Gordon)
  • Percy and Cranky Mischief Block Rail Set (includes motorized Percy)
  • James and Knapford Station Block Rail Set (includes motorized James)
  • Extension Block Rail Set
  • Turntable Block Rail extension parts
  • Slope Block Rail extension parts
  • Track Sheet (includes Thomas and Percy)
  • DX twin lift coaster
  • Hill case (includes decorated Thomas)


  • James' dome is painted red instead of brass.
  • Skarloey's model has Sir Handel's face, and Sir Handel's model has Skarloey's face.
  • Emily's side rods are chocolate colored, instead of being grey or unpainted.


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