“They're meant to be lucky! But I'm already a lucky engine!”
―Percy referring to the horseshoes

Playful Pony is a short magazine story.


One day, Percy is delivering bales of hay to a stable when he spots a girl called Sophie riding her pony, Playful. Sophie and Playful trot over to Percy to say hello. Sophie gives her pony some hay as a man arrives. Sophie explains that the man is a farmer who has come to give Playful some new shoes. Percy is confused until Sophie explains that horses need metal horseshoes.

The next day, Percy returns to the field with more supplies. Sophie had put some reins on Playful and is trying to lead him to a horsebox, but the pony will not go inside. Instead, Playful trots over to see Percy. Sophie is sad; they are going to be late for the horse show. Then, Percy has an idea and tells Sophie that he is going that way.

In no time at all, Playful is placed inside Percy's wagon with straw laid on the floor. Afterwards, Sophie gives Percy some old horseshoes and his driver hangs them by the shed. Percy tells the others that they're meant to bring luck, but Percy realises he is already a very lucky engine.



  • In the illustration, the top of Percy's coal bunker is green instead of black.

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