"Oooh, help!"
— One of the trucks being butted by a goat

Playful Passengers is a magazine story.


At Brendam Docks, BoCo's trucks are behaving badly. They keep bumping their buffers and jolting into him. Duck's trucks are just as bad; some of them broke loose and clattered around the docks! Next day, the Fat Controller states that he needs two engines to deliver some animals to market. Duck and BoCo have an idea. They volunteer to go with their trucks. Soon, the two engines are in the farmyard siding. All the farmyard animals were making such a noise that the trucks couldn't hear themselves sing. Some animals escaped and startled the trucks and hens flapped everywhere. Next, a billy goat was led aboard one of the trucks. It began butting the truck's sides which the truck didn't like one bit! Soon, all the animals had calmed down and one of the trucks saw something that made him shake in terror - a bull. The bull had huge sharp horns, but luckily he was not for sale. The trucks have now learnt their lesson.



  • An exclamation mark is added to the 2012 title.


  • The animals should have been transported in cattle trucks.
  • BoCo's number is missing.
  • The rails don't have spikes.
  • BoCo appears slightly smaller than he should be.
  • Duck's running board is red instead of black.


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