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"Clumsy Percy! You slipped up there!"
— Diesel

Perfect Percy is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller blames Percy for being careless when it was actually Diesel playing tricks. Later, Percy, who is understandably angry, biffs a truck which careless Diesel had sent flying Percy's way. The runaway truck heads towards the Fat Controller who is inspecting a nearby coal chute. He dives out of the way of the oncoming truck and as he does so a load of coal comes rattling down the chute and lands exactly where the Fat Controller had been standing. Percy thinks he's in trouble, but the Fat Controller praises him because if Percy hadn't have made him dive clear of the chute, he would have been buried under a heap of coal. Diesel however, is scolded for being careless so Percy is happy again.



  • According to the final illustration, a truck could not go under the hopper where the Fat Controller was standing because there is a line of trucks already in front of the hopper.


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