Percy in Print is a 1997 annual story.


A famous author is visiting Sodor to finish his book about famous steam engines. During his visit, Duncan's "rock 'n' roll" gives the author an uncomfortable ride, Gordon goes too fast for the author to see anything on his journey and misses three stations along the Main Line and then Sir Handel lets off steam and blows the author's manuscript into the air.

On the day when the author has to deliver his manuscript to the printers, a huge storm blows in and Percy has to take the author to the other side of the island via the coastal route. It is not easy, but Percy is determined. When he finally reaches the end of his journey, the author takes his photograph. When the book gets published many months later, there is a picture on the front page of a small green saddletank engine and the book contains the author's complaints about Duncan, Gordon and Sir Handel.



  • In the first illustration, Duncan is missing his whistle.
  • In the third illustration, Percy has only one piston rod.


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