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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode.
"Show a wheel!"
— The inspector to James

Percy and the Signal is a magazine story.


Percy works in the yard and loves playing jokes on the other engines, but sometimes they can land him in trouble. One day, he tricked Gordon into thinking his train was ready and then told James to stay in the shed as the Fat Controller is coming to see him. It was only when an inspector arrived and told the red engine that the Fat Controller is away when James realised he had been tricked.

One day, James and Gordon decided to play a trick on Percy. Gordon tricks Percy into believing there are such things as "backing signals". Percy claims to know everything about signals and puffs away, a little worried.

It was not long before he reached a signal set at "danger". The signal moved to show "line clear", but its arm moved up instead of down. Percy had never seen a signal like that before and concludes that it must be a "backing signal". Percy begins to reverse as Gordon approaches, laughing; he had seen everything. Percy, however, did not find it very funny.




  • Some things like the rails are left uncoloured.


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