This article is about 'the 2004 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 1990 magazine story'.
“Burst my boiler! It must be a real dragon sleeping in that hillside!”

Percy and the Dragon is a magazine story.


One afternoon, Percy races into the main station yard and over to Harvey. Percy tells the crane engine that he has seen a dragon. Harvey is puzzled as he does not know what a dragon is. Percy explains that they are fierce and scaly creatures who breath fire. Harvey hopes he never meets one.

Shortly, Harvey is sent on an errand when he spots the new 'Sodor Fantasy Park' nearby. The new tourist attraction is full of fairy-tale models such as a unicorn and a giant. Suddenly, Harvey spots a model dragon peering over the fence. Harvey realises that Percy had been playing a trick on him all along; it is only a model dragon. Harvey races off in such a hurry that he does not wait for some points to be changed. He runs onto an old sideline and skids straight into an old shed. The shed falls down along with earth and stones from the hill. Harvey is unhurt, but completely hidden under all the debris.

It is not too long before Percy sets out to find Harvey. Presently, he spots smoke and steam hissing out from under a heap of rubble. Percy thinks there must be a real dragon sleeping in the hillside and reverses away as quickly as he can. Suddenly, Percy hears a whistle and Harvey's driver emerges, waving for help.

Harvey is soon rescued and tells Percy that it serves him right for playing tricks. Percy promises not to play anymore naughty tricks on his friend, at least not for a while anyway.



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