This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the DVD.
"Blow, Percy!"
— Percy's driver

Percy Saves the Day is a magazine story.


One night, Diesel was being particularly restless. He remarks that all steam engines are useless, especially Percy as he is so small. Percy is upset and Diesel asks him to name one thing that he can do better than a diesel engine, but Percy cannot. The following day, Diesel set off with an urgent load whilst Percy was left in the yard shunting some troublesome trucks. Then, the Fat Controller ran over. He explained that the viaduct had been leaking and the tunnel below had iced up. He needs a compact engine to go inside and thaw it out before Diesel can get through. When he arrives at the tunnel, Diesel had been put into a siding and was muttering angrily under his breath. Percy puffed inside and the fireman put loads of coal into his firebox and Percy wheeshed out lots of steam. Soon, enough of the ice had melted for Diesel to squeeze through. Diesel quickly (and quietly) thanked Percy, who was very proud to be a compact steam engine!



  • Sir Topham Hatt looks out of scale when compared to Percy.
  • Diesel's face is smaller in one illustration.


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