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Percy Runs Away and Thomas and the Breakdown Train is a Ladybird book based on the episodes Percy Runs Away and Thomas and the Breakdown Train. It is illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas has learned a lot about trucks, but is not allowed to touch the breakdown train until a new engine called James crashes on the main line. Thomas rushes to the rescue, puffing backwards and forwards all day assisting the workmen, and eventually brings James home. The Fat Controller promises James new brakes and a coat of paint, and Thomas gets a branch line all to himself. When Thomas leaves to run his branch line, only Edward is left to shunt for the big engines Gordon, James and Henry, who say that shunting is a job for Common Tank Engines. So the Fat Controller shuts them up in the shed with Thomas and Edward running the main line, and a new engine called Percy running the branch line, until they promise to be good. The Fat Controller then lets them out, and the smaller engines are allowed to play on the branch line for a few days. Percy is left alone, and does some shunting in the yard until presently, Percy is waiting on the main line at the points to get back to the yard. Suddenly, he sees Gordon rushing towards him with the Express. Percy runs away without driver or fireman, and only stops when he runs into a siding ending in a big bank of earth. After that, Percy is most careful when running on the main line.



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