“Oh, very well, but I'm only giving you five minutes to fit it. Then I'm going. It's much too cold to hang around on a day like this!”
―Percy about to have his snowplough fitted

Percy Ploughs In! is a magazine story.


It was Winter on Sodor. Gordon had spent a very cold night at Tidmouth Docks and is looking forward to being steamed up again, but unfortunately he is low on wood so the fireman cannot light his fire. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Island, Percy is collecting trucks from Brendam Docks. Percy's driver tells Percy that he would need a snowplough for his journey, so the fitters rush to the sheds to collect a big heavy plough. The snowplough does not fit Percy properly, but Percy insists on going ahead anyway. Soon, out in the open country where the snow lays thick, Percy is regretting his decision. Then, Percy comes to a halt and has to be dug out of the snow. On closer inspection, his driver sees that Percy's plough is the wrong one and is too big for him. Feeling very silly, Percy continues on to Tidmouth. As Percy rushes down a steep hill, he realises that he is out of control and cannot stop. Percy swerves into a siding and straight into a flimsy wooden shed - smashing it to smithereens. The Fat Controller scolds Percy, but on the plus side, the wood from the shed can be used to start Gordon's fire.



  • Percy would not have swerved into the siding unless the points were already set to it.
  • It is said that the plough made it hard to steer, but an engine does not need steering as it follows the tracks.


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