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“You're very brave... for a little engine!”
―Gordon to Percy

Percy is a book in the Engine Adventures series. It is a redesign of the Story Library book.


Percy is a very cheeky little tank engine who loves nothing more than playing tricks on the bigger engines including Gordon and James. The Fat Controller is not very pleased with Percy.

One day, Percy has to collect some children from the beach and he borrows Annie and Clarabel from Thomas. As Percy pulls into the station, a storm breaks out. Percy knows that he needs to be a really useful engine and get the children home safely.

Raindrops bounce of Percy's boiler, but he carries on bravely. Suddenly, Percy finds himself wheel-deep in water. The river has burst its banks. Percy tries to carry on, but his fire is almost out and there is no more coal. Percy's crew decide that they need to pull up floorboards to use as fuel. With his fire burning brightly, Percy feels much better and Harold drops a parcel containing hot chocolate and sandwiches for the passengers. Percy pushes on through the flood and finally makes it to the station where the Fat Controller is very pleased with Percy who feels very proud.

The tale of Percy's bravery makes its way back to the sheds. Gordon and James cannot be cross with Percy anymore and admit that he is very brave for a small engine. Now that Percy knows how to be a really useful engine, he soon forgets all about playing silly tricks.