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“You know, there's more than one way to get jammed. We all learned that today. What's more, we also learned that sometimes when engines get each other out of a jam, thing's can still go wrong."
"So, that means we learned a lot today. And therefore..."
"We're really useful engines after all!”
―Thomas cheering up the other engines.

Percy, James and the Fruitful Day is the twenty-fifth episode of the third season.


One day, James is waiting at the junction when Percy arrives with some troublesome trucks. James tells Percy that engines should always be on time while he puffs away. Percy thinks James is being bossy and ignores him. It is market day when James arrives at the harbour to see all the wonderful fruits from far away lands. James' trucks are filled and he sets off along the main line. On the way, he meets Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel and cannot resist boasting. Thomas knows that there will be trouble ahead for boastful James.


Got yourself in a bit of a jam, eh James? What you might call a "Sticky Situation"?

Back at the yard, Percy is busy shunting when the stationmaster tells his driver that James' brakes are jammed and that Percy has to go and help him at once. Percy quickly sets off and soon finds James stranded on the main line. Percy cannot resist laughing and teasing James. Percy's driver soon intervenes and asks Percy if he can push the trucks of fruit. Soon, Percy is coupled to the trucks and sets off. Percy is in a hurry and is not paying full attention to the line. He has not seen that the points has failed and that he has been diverted into a siding - until it is too late. Percy crashes into the buffers and gets covered in sticky fruit. The Fat Controller sternly reminds Percy that while the point failure is not his fault, his railway is not a jam factory.

That night in the sheds, all the engines are silent until Thomas reminds everyone that they are all Really Useful Engines.




  • This episode was adapted from the magazine story, Percy Gets Jammed by Andrew Brenner.
  • The truck in front of Percy has NE written on it.
  • Stock footage from Thomas, Percy and the Post Train is used, as is a deleted scene from Heroes.
  • Izzy Gomez and Big Mickey from TUGS appear.
  • This episode marks Annie and Clarabel's only speaking roles in the third season.
  • This episode marks the first time a character angrily says "Be quiet!" instead of "Shut up!" since the production teams and script writers were likely accused of using a vulgar/offensive phrase after production for the second season ended.
  • Dishwasher soap was used for the green liquid squirted on Percy.


  • When James is watching his trucks being loaded, there are four open-topped trucks, but when he leaves the harbour, one of them is replaced with a goods van.
  • When James leaves the harbour, the first truck is missing a face.
  • As Percy sets off with James' trucks, James' front wheels are derailed and Percy jerks back before starting.
  • During the crash scene, Percy's cab's roof is lifted.
  • There are eleven berths in Tidmouth Sheds instead of the usual six.
  • At the end of the episode, black glue is wrapped around James' funnel.
  • When James puffs by Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, Annie is missing her name.
  • Because stock footage is used, one close-up of Percy's driver is at night.


  • Percy: "Got yourself into a bit of a jam, eh James? What you might call a 'sticky situation'?"
  • James: "Be quiet! It's not funny having jammed brakes!"

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese James e Percy e um Dia de Fruta
Chinese 培西詹姆士和富有成果的一天
Czech Percy, James a Ovocný Den
Danish Percy, James og en Frugtbar Dag
Dutch Percy, James en de Soep
Finnish Hedelmällistä Yhteistyötä
German Heute ist Obsttag
Greek Ο Τζέρι, Ο Τζίμι και η λαϊκή αγορά
Hungarian Percy és James Gyümölcsöző Napja
Italian Locomotive nei Pasticci
Japanese くだものれっしゃ
Korean 쨈이 된 과일들
Norwegian Percy, James og den Fruktbare Dagen
Polish Piotrek, Kuba i Owocny Dzień
Romanian Percy, James și Ziua Lor Rodincă
Russian Перси, Джеймс и плодотворный день
Serbian Persi, Džejms i Dan Pun Voća
Slovak Percy, Jakub a Ovocná Deň
Slovenian Poldi, Jakob in Uspešen Dan
Spanish Percy, James y un Día Fructífero
Swedish Percy, James och den Fruktbara Dagen
Thai วันโชคร้ายของเพอร์ซีและเจมส์
Ukrainian Персі, Джеймс і плідний день

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