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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book, the Norwegian DVD, the US DVD, the UK DVD, or the Swedish DVD.
"Clickety-clack! Don't look back! Dirty Percy's on our track!"
"Be quiet!
— The Troublesome Trucks teasing Percy
"Yuck! I've never been this dirty!"
— Percy after crashing in the chocolate factory

Percy's Chocolate Crunch is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season.


Percy has been frequently working the dirty jobs involving trucks and longs for a wash-down as much as any engine. However, when he goes to the wash-down, Percy and the other engines are informed by The Fat Controller that, due to a water shortage, all engines can only have one wash per day and that usefulness comes before cleanliness. This annoys Percy as he thinks that Gordon only needs a wash-down to feel important. Gordon points that he is important as he pulls the express. James teases Percy, who doesn't see the funny side before going back to work.

Percy returns to work at the coaling plant, determined not to get dirty. But the trucks are up to their old tricks, and pull Percy right under the coal hopper, and coal pours on top of him. On their way to Callan, the trucks tease Percy by singing a rude song to him. Once there, Percy shunts the coal trucks into a siding, right alongside Harold who is unloading medical supplies. Harold takes off, spreading cinders and ashes all over Percy, who demands for a wash-down, but his driver reminds him that usefulness comes before cleanliness, but Percy wants a clean job more than anything. The driver suggests taking vans of sugar to the chocolate factory, so Percy takes the vans of sugar, feeling happy.

Percy, thinking that he finally has a clean job, does not know that a patch of oil had been caused by a leakage from a truck in the siding at the chocolate factory. Upon arrival, the brakes are applied but Percy slips on the oily rails and crashes through the wall right into the chocolate factory and out the other end, covered in chocolate.

When Duck brings Percy back to Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas, James, and Henry tease him saying how chocolatey he is, but Gordon disapproves. The Fat Controller knows how much work Percy had done despite his problems and the accident; and as he proved that usefulness comes before cleanliness, Percy is rewarded with a wash-down and a new coat of paint which makes Percy happy.




  • This episode was originally titled "Puff Puff Pastry."
  • When Percy comes to a stop once he has crashed through the other side of the factory, CGI smoke is used until real smoke appears.
  • This story's plot has some similarities to a magazine story with the same name.
  • Alec Baldwin gives Harold a Cockney accent in this episode.
  • In Days Out with Thomas' US Events, Percy tells the story of this episode with Martin Sherman voicing Percy since his introduction in 2014.
  • The shot of Percy sliding down the hill shouting "Oh no!" is shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio, as opposed to the 16:9 aspect ratio the rest of the episode was shot in.


  • At the beginning, Clarabel is facing the wrong way and Oliver has Duck's whistle sound.
  • Harold's unhappy expression is visible when he says "Hello, Percy!"


  • Percy: [after all his literally dirty work] From now on, I am only doing work where I won't get dirty!


  • (Percy returns to the sheds, covered in chocolate)
  • Narrator: Back at the sheds, everyone thought it was very funny.
  • Thomas: You look good enough to eat!
  • James: UK: Pudding Percy!/US: Bon Bon Percy!
  • Henry: Choc ice on wheels!
  • Gordon: Disgraceful!
  • The Fat Controller: Ahem! You have had a trying day, Percy.
  • Percy: (from beneath the chocolate) Yes, sir.
  • The Fat Controller: But you showed us all that usefulness does come before cleanliness. So, you shall have your washdown....
  • Percy: Oh, sir!
  • The Fat Controller: ...and a new coat of paint!
  • Narrator: Percy just beamed!


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Percys Sjokoladekræsj Percy's Chocolate Crash
Czech Percyho Čokoládová Krize Percy's Chocolate Crisis
Welsh Persi Blasus Iawn Very Tasty Percy
Swedish Percys Chokladdopp Percy's Chocolate Dip
Dutch De Chocola Trein The Chocolate Train
Slovenian Čokoladni Poldi Chocolate Percy
Japanese パーシーのチョコクランチ Percy's Chocolate Crunch
Hungarian Édes Percy Sweet Percy
Italian La Locomotiva e il Cioccolato The Engine and the Chocolate
Russian Перси и его шоколадная корочка Percy and his Chocolate Crust
Chinese 培西的巧克力危机 Percy's Chocolate Crisis
Korean 더러운 건 싫어 I Hate a Dirty Thing
Romanian Accidentul cu Ciocolată al lui Percy Percy's Accident with Chocolate
Slovak Percy a Chrumkavá Čokoláda Percy and Cruchy Chocolate
Polish Czekoladowa Przekąska Piotrka Percy's Chocolate Snack
Danish Chokomotivet Percy Chocolate Percy
Thai เพอร์ซีถูกเคลือบช๊อคโกแลต Percy Was Coated Chocolates

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