This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the book'.
“The surprise is that a special engine is passing through this station. It's Duke - he is going to the works."
"Duke, our hero? The little engine who was lost and found?"
"The very same!”
―Thomas and Percy

Percy's Surprise is a magazine story.


Thomas tells Percy that he will get a surprise. Percy is excited until he gets to the quarry and finds extra trucks waiting for him. Thinking this is his surprise, Percy is furious with Thomas. Percy confronts Thomas later that day about what he thinks was a trick. Thomas assures Percy that he did not know about the extra trucks and that the surprise is that a very special engine is going to come by the yard. The special engine turn out to be an old narrow gauge engine, their hero, Duke. Percy whistles to Duke who smiles back. Percy agrees that this was a very nice surprise.



  • In one illustration, Duke's smokebox is not coloured black.


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