Percy's Puzzling Trip! is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller has a very important job for Percy; he is to take holidaymakers to a country station the following day. Percy is surprised; why would holidaymakers be visiting Sodor in the wintertime? The others share his surprise. Percy and the other engines conclude that he must have made a mistake, but the following morning, Percy's driver confirms that holidaymakers definitely are coming to the island.

Soon he sets off on his way, shivering all the while. At the station, Percy can usually spot the holidaymakers in their bright clothes, but today he can't. Some people in thick all-in-one suits climbed on board and it is only when his driver tells him that they are the holidaymakers that Percy knows who they are.

When Percy pulls up at the country station he sees that it has been snowing which he thinks is unfortunate for the holidaymakers, but he learns that they want the snow. It turns out that they are on a skiing holiday.



  • In the fifth illustration, Percy's siderod is not connected to his wheels and the top of his bunker is green instead of black.


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