“See? I didn't make up that story!"
"We believe you this time. Now, I suppose we'll never hear the end of it!”
―Percy and Thomas[src]

Percy's Picture is a magazine story.


One evening, Percy excitedly tells the other engines in the shed that he has seen a flying engine with its wheels high above the ground. The others laugh and do not believe a word Percy says.

The next day, Thomas sees the "flying engine" for himself. It turns out to be a picture on a poster advertising summer excursions on the railway. Percy teases Thomas by saying that he never said the engine was real. Thomas warns Percy that he should not keep making up silly stories.

Later, Percy delivers some trucks to a station and sees a man hurrying out of a nearby art gallery with a painting under his arm. Percy is puzzled when the man runs into the yard and gets into one of his trucks. Suddenly, the gallery manager emerges and shouts for the police who quickly arrive at the scene. The gallery manager tells the police that someone has stolen a valuable painting. Percy whistles to them and tells them that the culprit is hiding in one of his trucks. The thief is quickly apprehended and Percy is thanked for his help. The story of "Percy the Hero" is printed in the Sodor News with a picture of the very proud engine.

That evening, Percy's driver shows the other engines the newspaper story. Percy says he could not have made this story up and Thomas agrees, but he knows they will never hear the end of it.



  • The engine on the poster happens to be a faceless version of Gordon.