This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the Chinese DVD or the Thai DVD'.
“That's a splendid Special, Percy!”

Percy's Parcel is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2011 Holiday Annual.


Percy is feeling sad because everyone else has a special except him. Then, the Fat Controller orders him to deliver his mother's present. Percy rushes to show his present to Mavis at the quarry, but the parcel gets covered in dust. Percy decides to take his special to the washdown where, after it is washed, it looks very soggy. Percy takes his parcel to Victor. Victor gives Percy a brand new crate and Percy rushes to Knapford, where Dowager Hatt and Sir Topham are waiting. The present turns out to be a magnificent portrait of Dowager Hatt. Mavis thinks it is a splendid special, and Percy smiles happily.