“I don't like the factory and I don't like goods. I think goods are bad!"
"What's wrong with goods?"
"Goods are boring. I prefer pulling trains full of passengers - that's the really important work of a railway!”
―Percy and Edward[src]

Percy's Goods Train is a magazine story.


Percy is upset because he has to take a goods train to the factory to be loaded up and then to the harbour to unload the goods from the factory into ships. Percy tells Edward that he thinks goods trains are boring and that the factory is dirty and noisy. Edward explains that goods trains are just as important as passenger trains and without goods trains all the shops would be empty. Edward then explains how important factories are. And although they may look dirty on the outside they are not that bad on the inside and factories are responsible for making all sorts of useful things - even engines. After hearing this, Percy changes his mind about both the goods trains and the factory.