"Rosy, red apples and lovely ripe pears! I have all kinds of fruit and vegetables!"
— Bulgy

Pecking Order is a magazine story.


One morning, Bulgy was busily travelling down the lanes of Sodor to the villages with his fruit and vegetables. He was just about to drive to the next village when he spotted a man in a field. Bulgy thought he was a customer so he stops and waits, but the man doesn't move. Then a farmer comes running up shooing birds out of his field. The man in the field turns out to be a scarecrow and, despite fooling Bulgy, didn't fool the hungry birds. Bulgy has an idea. He asks his driver to give the farmer some of the fruit and vegetables that have been damaged. They then rebuild the scarecrow using the produce. The birds all flock to the scarecrow and start pecking away at the fruit and vegetables. The birds don't need to eat the farmer's crops any more.



  • In the final line, a quotation mark is missing.


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