Patrick Breen (born, Joseph Patrick Breen in Brooklyn, New York, USA on October 26th, 1960) is an American actor, playwright and screenwriter.

He was the original voice of Splatter and Dodge in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, but was later replaced by Neil Crone and Kevin Frank, respectively.

He has appeared in many shows and movies such as "Sex and the City", "ER", "Joan of Arcadia", "Law & Order", "Frasier", "Will & Grace", "Christmas with the Kranks", "Oz", "Men in Black", "Melrose Place", "Passed Away", "21 Jump Street", "Angel", "Just a Kiss", and "Galaxy Quest".

He also narrated "The Magic Adventures of Mumfie", another show produced by Britt Allcroft.


  • Both he and Naoki Tatsuta voiced Bristle from "The Magical Adventures of Mumfie" in their respective languages.