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"No passengers means no polish."
"And no polish means no passengers!
— Sir Topham Hatt and Duncan
Passengers and Polish

David Mitton


Britt Allcroft
David Mitton


Reverend W. Awdry
Britt Allcroft
David Mitton


Michael Angelis (UK)
George Carlin (US)

Air date

November 1st,
1995 (UK)
May 8th,
1996 (AUS)
November 4th,
1996 (US)

Previous episode

Steam Roller

Next episode

Gallant Old Engine/
The Gallant
Old Engine

Passengers and Polish is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season. In the US, it first aired on Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales in 1996.


Nancy, the guard's daughter, has just finished polishing Skarloey while reminding him that Rheneas is coming home. Duncan wants a polish too, but Nancy does not have time because she has to help The Refreshment Lady with the passengers. Duncan is very cross and complains about Peter Sam getting a special funnel, Sir Handel getting special wheels, and passengers getting refreshments while he gets nothing.

His driver then tells him that one of Skarloey's coaches has come off the rails and they're to help clear the mess, and Duncan sulks about all the extra work. Duncan brings workmen to get the coach back on the rails, and he's to take the passengers home. Duncan loses his patience and stalls on the viaduct. Skarloey pulls him home, with the passengers cross and telling everyone what a bad railway it is.

The Fat Controller scolds Duncan and he retorts under his breath "No polish means no passengers."





  • In the close-up of Duncan complaining about not being polished at the beginning, his face moves. In the same shot, a hair or piece of wire can be seen behind Skarloey.
  • Before Duncan gets told off, Rheneas can be seen in the shed next to Skarloey. But Rheneas was supposed to be off being mended.
  • In Skarloey's flashback, Skarloey has Duncan's whistle sound and Rheneas has Sir Handel's whistle sound.
  • In the picture from the former, Duncan was wearing his normal face, while his reflection shows him wearing his angry face.
  • After Duncan takes away Skarloey's train, the brakevan moves from the front of the train to the back.
  • When Duncan passes through Crovan's Gate, either he, Percy, or Thomas has a different whistle sound.
  • In the US, this episode aired before Home at Last, so the audience would not know who Duncan is.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Pasajeros y Lustres Passengers and Lustres
German Auf Hochglanz für die Passagiere To a Shine for the Passengers
Norwegian Pomp og prakt Glory and Gaudiness
Japanese ボディーをみがいて Polish A Body
Dutch Reizigers en verf Travelers and Paint
Czech Cestující a leštidla Passengers and Polish
Polish Pasażerowie i Polerowanie Passengers and Polishing
Italian Niente Lucidatura per Duncan No Polish for Duncan
Welsh Dim Teithiwr, Dim Polish No Passengers, No Polish
Hungarian Duncan duzzog Duncan Sulks
Slovenian Potniki in loščilo Passengers and Polish



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