“Rubbish! London's Paddington. I know, I worked there!”
―Duck, The Eight Famous Engines

Paddington Station (also known as London Paddington) is a central London railway terminus and London Underground station complex, located at Paddington. It was founded in 1838 and serves as a station for the Great Western Railway. Most of the current mainline station dates back to 1854 and was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The station is most famous for its underground Metropolitan railway system. Duck used to work there as a station pilot before arriving on Sodor in 1955. King James I also used to worked at the station.

One day, Gordon, Duck, and a visiting engine were arguing about what the name of the big station at London was. Gordon thought it was King's Cross, while the other engine thought it was Euston. Duck thought it was Paddington since he said he used to work there. When Gordon filled in for an engine due to go to London, he realised that he arrived at St. Pancras instead.

In the television series, it was shown in a picture in the seventeenth season episode, The Thomas Way.


  • The station's mascot is Paddington Bear.


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