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In the Railway Series, several diesel locomotives from British Railways have made various appearances.

Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine

"Stepney's a match for any diesel, besides his controller will take care of him."
"He's a brae engine fur aw 'at! Fancy fightin' his way ben aw those Diesels just tae see us!
Percy and Douglas, Bluebells of England, Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine


Stepney, and the three diesel engines.

The first three diesels appeared in the fourth illustration of "Bluebells of England" looking at Stepney.

The first one was coloured green and cream and had a yellow face. He resembles a BR Class 31 Brush Type 2 A1A-A1A diesel-electric. 31120 is another member of this class. If looked at closely, his number seems to be D701. His headcode is "4F12".

The second was a maroon colour, and resembles a BR Class 52 "Western" C-C diesel-hydraulic. All locomotives of this class were given two-word names, the first word being "Western" and thus the type became known as Westerns.

The last was coloured green all over, and resembles a BR Class 40 1Co-Co1. The Diesel and Old Stuck-Up are members of this class also. It is also seen that this diesel's number is D782.


Railway Series


Enterprising Engines

"We stayed there for days, with Diesels baying and growling like hounds. I was very frightened!"
— Oliver, Escape, Enterprising Engines


Oliver hides from three diesel engines.

The last three appeared in the fourth illustration of "Escape" alongside a signalbox near an old quarry branch where Oliver, Isabel and Toad briefly hid to escape scrap.

The first diesel painted yellow and black "hazard" stripes and appeared to be based on a Class 08. Unlike most Class 08 featured in the Railway Series and the Television series, its face appeared to be descending from his cab, rather than his front end.

The second diesel was painted in British Rail "Rail Blue" livery with large yellow warning panels, and appeared to be based on a BR Class 28. BoCo and D5705 are also members of this class.

Upon closer inspection of the main line going away from the signalbox, another diesel engine can be seen in the background.


Railway Series


James and the Diesel Engines

"Visiting diesels sometimes boasted about how special they were. Usually, BoCo and Bear had to spend the next day smoothing ruffled feelings."
The Author, Old Stuck-Up, James and the Diesel Engines

Old Stuck-Up, a visiting diesel.

Several diesels from the Other Railway have visited the Island of Sodor on several different occasions. Visiting diesels are known to be particularly haughty, as they feel superior to steam engines and often put the steam engines down.

They aren't well documented or known. However, known visiting diesels include Diesel, The Diesel, Diesel 199 and Old Stuck-Up.


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