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Since its creation, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends has been broadcast in many languages other than English.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnian logo

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the series is called "Tomas i drugari".


  • The Bosnian dub of Season 1 credits Ringo Starr as the narrator, even though it was redubbed.



In Brazil, the series is known as "Thomas e seus amigos" and is narrated by Tatá Guarnieri from the first season to the fifth and Hero of the Rails onwards and Dário de Castro from the eighth season to the twelfth



In China, the series is known in Mandarin as "火車頭日記" which translates to Diary of a Locomotive, although the series was later reintroduced as "托马斯&朋友", meaning "Thomas & Friends".


  • The Chinese narrations of the fourth season credit George Carlin as the narrator, even though they were redubbed. The opening credits of the new series also credit Michael Angelis as the narrator even though it was redubbed.
  • Thomas & Friends is one of the very few television programmes originally produced in English to have aired in mainland China, not including Hong Kong or Macau. This is due to China's efforts to protect their own film industry.

Hong Kong

  • In Hong Kong, both the British English dub and a local Cantonese dub entitled "湯馬仕小火車" are shown.



In Croatia, the series is known as "Tomica i Prijatelji". The current narrator is Tomislav Stojković.

Character Names


  • The Opening Credits in Season 1 credits Ringo Starr as the Narrator even though it was redubbed.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the series is known as "Locomotiva Tomáš". The first-third seasons were narrated by Radovan Vaculík and since the fourth season it has been narrated by Bohuslav Kalva.

Character Names


  • The opening credits from the third-eighth season credits Michael Angelis as the narrator, even though it was redubbed.


In Denmark the series is known as Thomas Og Vennerne and has been narrated by Povl Dissing from the first to third seasons, Tommy Kenter from the fourth to the seventh season, from the eighth to the sixteenth seasons, and then Lars Mikkelsen from the seventeenth season onwards.

Voice Cast



Finnish opening titles for the Classic Series


Finnish opening titles for the twelfth season

In Finland, the series is known as "Tuomas Veturi" and is currently narrated by Aku Laitinen.

Character Names

  • Thomas - Tuomas
  • Edward - Edvard
  • Henry - Henri
  • Gordon - Jori
  • James - Jaska
  • Percy - Pekka
  • Toby - Topi
  • Emily - Emilia
  • Duck - Ankka
  • Douglas - Taneli
  • Oliver - Oliivi
  • Mavis - Maija
  • Bill and Ben - Ville ja Veikko
  • Daisy - Päivikki
  • Stepney - Severi
  • Salty - Salttu/ Sami
  • Harvey - Harri
  • 'Arry and Bert - Arttu ja Perttu
  • Murdoch - Markus
  • Skarloey - Santeri
  • Rheneas - Rasmus
  • Rusty - Risto
  • Duncan - Tauno
  • Freddie - Reetu
  • Duke - Herttua
  • Annie and Clarabel - Anni ja Klaara
  • Toad - Tomi
  • S. C. Ruffey - Sylvester
  • Bertie - Lassi
  • Terence - Tero
  • Harold - Harald
  • Trevor - Teppo
  • Bulgy - Jurottaja
  • Caroline - Karoliina
  • Cranky - Niilo
  • Bulstrode - Äyskäri
  • Max and Monty - Max ja Masa


  • The Opening Credits of the classic series credits Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis as the narrators, even though it was redubbed.


Thomas et ses amis

French title card from Season 1


French title card for Season 11


French title card for Season 13

In French, the series is known as "Thomas et ses Amis" or "Thomas le Petit Train" (Thomas the Small Train). The first five seasons were narrated by Gérard Boucaron and all seasons beyond included both a narrator and voice actors. Blanche Ravalec later narrated the series between the sixth season and the fifteenth season. Since the sixteenth season Philippe Catoire has narrated the series. In France, the series used to be shown on France 5 until the end of the fifteenth season; since it has been broadcast on Gulli from Season 16 onwards. Season 15 was also re-aired on Gulli and was renarrated by Philippe Catoire.

Character Names

Voice Cast


  • Sodor is called "Chicalor".
  • Michael Brandon is credited as the narrator in the opening, even though it was redubbed.



German title for seasons 8-12

In Germany the series is known as "Thomas, die kleine Lokomotive" (Thomas the Small Locomotive) or "Thomas und seine Freunde" (Thomas and His Friends). In the classic series, Thomas is also sometimes called "Thomas die Rangierlokomotive" (the closest translation for "Thomas the Tank Engine", literally meaning "Thomas the Shunting Engine"). It was narrated by Manfred Steffen from Season 1 to Season 5. Since Season 8 Sky du Mont has narrated it.

Voice Cast

Character Names


  • Seasons 6 and 7 were never dubbed into German.
  • For seasons 11 and 12, the eighth season's opening titles are used with the German Engine Roll Call.



Greek logo

In Greece, the show is called "Τομας το Τρενακι" (Tomas To Trenaki) which when literally translated means "Thomas the Small Train"

Character Names


  • The show was first dubbed in Greek in 2001.
  • The original theme song is in a lower pitch and has lyrics.
  • The model-era episodes feature a female voice actor who provides narration and female voices, while a male narrator provides voices for all male characters.
  • The original intro featured scenes of Gordon, Henry and Edward over the first few seconds of the usual intro, so the title could be edited, as HiT did not provide a blank intro.
  • Season 8 has the original intro.
  • Some DVD releases feature a blank version of the edited intro.
  • All episodes from the first to fifth seasons are listed in the credits as being made in 1984.
  • DVD releases of eighth season episodes feature the new theme during the credits, despite the original theme playing during the intro.
  • Ringo Starr is credited as narrator on all episodes from the first-fifth and eighth seasons; despite only narrating the first two in English. Michael Angelis is also credited in the CGI series as well.
  • All TV broadcasts of episodes from the first-fifth and eighth seasons have the Thomas and Gordon title card.
  • On most DVD releases of the eighth season, the first episode has the Thomas and Gordon title card.
  • Some DVD releases of the eighth season, the bridge scene where the title card usually appears is cut out and replaced by the season eight style title card.
  • From Season 9 until The Great Discovery, the original theme remained with the new intro.
  • The narrator and voice actors are not credited.
  • In Calling All Engines!, the narrator accidentally says James instead of Jimmy once.
  • When season 13 aired (2013), the show was revamped; the characters regained their English names and the Engine Roll Call was completely re-written.
  • This is the only language to completely re-write the Engine Roll Call.
  • Season 6Season 7Jack and the Sodor Construction Company and Hero of the Rails were never dubbed into Greek.
  • This is the only language to feature Duck being a female character.


In Hindi, the series is known as थॉमस टैंक इंजन और दोस्तों (Thŏmasa ṭaiṅka in̄jana aura dōstōṁ), which means Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.




Hungarian logo

In Hungary, the series is known as "Thomas a Gözmozdony" which means "Thomas the Steam Engine". It is also known as "Thomas és Baratai" which means "Thomas and Friends." It was first broadcasted on Minimax in 2006 and was later broadcasted on M1 and recently on JimJamTV. It is narrated by Zoltán Csankó.


  • The Engine Roll Call was not translated into Hungarian, except during the opening titles.
  • In the opening, Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis are credited as the narrators even though it was redubbed.
  • Since Hero of the Rails, uncredited voice actors have performed the character's voices.


In Iceland, the series was known in Icelandic as "Tommi togvagn og vinir hans" and was narrated by David Thor Jonsson, but the series was not very popular, possibly since there are no longer any railways in Iceland.


In Indonesia the series retains its English title. From Season 13 through to 15 the series was dubbed into Indonesian.


  • Despite the narration being in Indonesian, the Engine Roll Call is still in English.
  • Michael Angelis is credited as narrator in the opening credits, even though it was redubbed.



Classic series title

In Israel, the series was dubbed into Hebrew as "תומס הקטר" and later on as "תומס הקטר וחברים". The show aired on Hop in the classic series, the Israeli Educational TV for the new and CGI series, and on Hop again for the second dub of the CGI series. It has been narrated by Simcha Barbiro, Ron Druyan, and Dan Shatzberg.

Character Names

  • Edward - אדי (Eddie; Classic Series), אדוארד (Edward; Season 8 onwards)
  • Sir Topham Hatt - המפקח השמן (The Fat Controller), מר מגבעת (Mr. Top Hat), אדון מגבעת (Sir Top Hat; Thomas and the Magic Railroad), המפקח הגדול (The Big Controller; CGI Series)

Voice Cast


Hebrew Season 13-15 voice cast list


  • None of the Specials (save for Thomas and the Magic Railroad) were ever dubbed into Hebrew, and it is unknown whether or not Seasons 3-7 or 16 were ever dubbed either.
  • Edward's nickname Eddie was used in this dub, until the New Series, where his name was corrected to אדוארד (Edward).
  • The word Fireman was mistranslated as כבאי (Firefighter), with the proper term being מסיק.
  • Terence's name was mispronounced as "Trance".
  • In the credits, HiT Entertainment's name is mistransliterated as "היט אינטרטיימנט" ("HiT Intertaiment"), instead of "היט אנטרטיינמנט" ("HiT Entertainment"). Several names of the original production crew are mistransliterated as well.
  • The UK voice cast is credited, even though it was redubbed.
  • Sharon Miller is misidentified as Male.



CGI Italian Titles

In Italy, the series is known as "Il Trenino Thomas" and is currently narrated by Giorgio Locuratolo. The series airs on JimJamTV.


  • The Italian dub of Season 1 credits Ringo Starr as the narrator, even though it was redubbed, and the rest of the credits are in Italian.



Japanese opening titles


Japanese title card for the sixth season


Japanese title card for the eighth season


Japanese title card for the ninth season

In Japan, the series is translated as "きかんしゃトーマス" (Romaji: "Kikansha Tōmasu" - Thomas the Locomotive). Thomas is popular in Japan due to the prevalance of railways in Japan. This version of the show has also had individual voice actors since the model series. It was broadcasted on Fuji Television from first season until eighth season, and broadcasted from ninth season to thirteenth season on TV Tokyo and recently on NHK and Cartoon Network. Leo Morimoto was the narrator from the first to the eighth season and since the ninth season, Jon Kabria has been the narrator.

Character Names

  • Thomas - トーマス - Tōmasu
  • Edward - エドワード - Edowādo
  • Henry - ヘンリー - Henrī
  • Gordon - ゴードン - Gōdon
  • James - ジェームス - Jēmusu
  • Percy - パーシー - Pāshī
  • Toby - トビー - Tobī
  • Duck - ダック - Dakku
  • Donald - ドナルド- Donarudo
  • Douglas - ダグラス- Dagurasu
  • Oliver - オリバー - Oribā
  • Emily - エミリー - Emirī
  • Bill - ビル - Biru
  • Ben - ベン - Ben
  • Stepney ステップニー - Suteppunī
  • Diesel - ディーゼル - Dīzeru
  • Daisy - デイジー - Deijī
  • BoCo - ボコ - Boko
  • Mavis - メイビス - Meibisu
  • Skarloey - スカーロイ - Sukāroi
  • Rheneas - レニアス - Reniasu
  • Sir Handel - サー・ハンデル - Sā・Handeru
  • Peter Sam - ピータ・サム - Pīta・Samu
  • Rusty - ラスティ Rasuti
  • Duncan - ダンカン Dankan
  • Duke - デューク - Dyūku
  • Freddie - フレディー - Furedī
  • Mighty Mac - マイティマック - Maitimakku
  • Bertram - バートラム - Bātoramu
  • Smudger - スマージャ - Sumāja
  • Proteus - プロテウス - Puroteusu
  • Bertie - バーティー Bātī
  • Terence - テレンス Terensu
  • Harold - ハロルド Harorudo
  • Trevor - トレバー - Torebā
  • Caroline - キャロライン - Kyarorain
  • George - ジョージ - Jōji
  • Cranky - クランキー - Kurankī
  • 'Arry - ハリー - Harī
  • Bert - バート - Bāto
  • Lady - レディー - Redī
  • Diesel 10 - ディーゼル10 - Dīzeru 10
  • Salty - ソルティー - Sorutī
  • Harvey - ハーヴィー - Hāvī
  • Jack - ジャック - Jakku
  • Alfie - アルフィー - Arufī
  • Nelson - ネルソン - Neruson
  • Max - マックス - Makkusu
  • Monty - モンティ - Monti
  • Kelly - ケリー - Kerī
  • Byron - バイロン - Bairon
  • Ned - ネッド - Needo
  • Isobella - イザベラ - Izabera
  • Patrick - パトリック - Patorikku
  • Buster - バスター - Basutā
  • Spencer - スペンサー - Supensā
  • Arthur - アーサー - Āsā
  • Neville ネビル - Nebiru
  • Molly モリー - Morī
  • Rosie - ロージー - Rōjī
  • Stanley スタンリー - Sutanrī
  • Whiff ウィフ - Wifu
  • Billy ビリー - Birī
  • Rocky - ロッキー Rokkī
  • Hiro - ヒロ - Hiro
  • Victor - ビクター - Bikutā
  • Charlie チャーリー - Chārī
  • Kevin - ケビン - Kebin
  • Dash - ダッシュ - Dasshu
  • Bash - バッシュ - Basshu
  • Ferdinand - ファーディナンド - Fādinando
  • Fergus - ファーガス - Fāgasu
  • Elizabeth - エリザベス - Erizabesu
  • Murdoch - マードック - Mādokku
  • Toad - トード - Tōdo
  • Bulgy - バルジー - Barujī
  • Belle - ベル - Beru
  • Hank - ハンク - Hanku
  • Scruff - スクラフ Sukurafu
  • Flora - フロラ - Furora
  • Stephen - スティーブン - Sutībun
  • Connor - コナー - Konā
  • Caitlin - ケイトリン Keitorin
  • Millie - ミリー - Mirī
  • Porter - ポーター - Pōtā
  • Gator - ゲイター - Geitā
  • Timothy - ティモシー - Timoshī
  • Marion - マリオン - Marion
  • Reg - レッジ - Rejji
  • Samson - サムソン - Samuson
  • Dennis - デニス - Denisu
  • Dodge - ドッヂ - Dojji
  • Splatter - スプラッター - Supurattā
  • Den - デン - Den
  • Dart - ダート - Dāto
  • Paxton - パクストン - Pakusuton
  • Norman - ノーマン - Nōman
  • Sidney - シドニー Shidonī
  • Luke - ルーク Rūku
  • Flynn - フリン - Furin
  • Winston - ウィンストン - Winsuton
  • Stafford - スタフォード - Sutafōdo
  • Annie - アニー - Anī
  • Clarabel - クララベル - Kuraraberu
  • Henrietta - ヘンリエッタ - Henrietta
  • Old Slow Coach - オールド・スローコーチ - Ōrudo・Surōkōchi
  • S.C.Ruffey - スクラフィー - Sukurafī
  • Troublesome Trucks - いじわる貨車- Ijiwaru Kasha (Malicious Trucks)
  • Troublesome Trucks - いたずら貨車 - Itazura Kasha (Mischief-Making Trucks)
  • Rocky - ロッキー - Rokkī
  • Hector - ヘクター - Hekutā
  • Lorry 1 / 2 / 3 - ローリー Rōrī 1 / 2 / 3
  • Butch - ブッチ - Bucchi
  • Madge - マージ - Māji
  • Tiger Moth - タイガー・モス - Taigā・Mosu
  • Bulstrode - バルストロード - Barusutorōdo
  • Jeremy - ジェレミー - Jeremī
  • Captain - キャプテン - Kyaputen
  • Thumper - サンパー - Sanpā
  • Colin - コリン - Korin
  • Ol' Wheezy - オールド・ウィージー - Ōrudo・Wījī
  • Hee-Haw - ヒーホー - Hīhō
  • Happy Hook - ハッピー・フック - Happī・Fukku
  • Owen - オーウェン - Ōwen
  • Merrick - メリック - Merikku
  • Flying Scotsman - フライング・スコッツマン - Furaingu Sukottsuman
  • Sir Topham Hatt - トップハム・ハット卿 - Toppuhamu・Hatto Kyou
  • Lady Hatt - ハット卿夫人 - Hatto Kyoufujin
  • Dowager Hatt - トップハム・ハット卿のお母さん - Toppuhamu Hatto no Okāsan (Sir Topham Hatt's Mother)
  • Mrs. Kyndley - キンドリー夫人 - Kyandorī Fujin
  • Jenny Packard - ジェニー・パッカード - Jenī・Pakkādo
  • Mr. Percival - ミスター・パーシバル - Misutā・Pāshibaru
  • Farmer McColl - マッコールさん - Makkōrusan
  • Farmer Trotter - トロッターさん - Torottāsan
  • Alicia Botti アリシア・ボッティー - Arishia・Botī
  • The Duke of Boxford - ボックスフォード公爵 - Bokusufōdo Koushaku
  • The Duchess of Boxford - ボックスフォード公爵夫人 Bokusofōdo Koushakufujin
  • Sir Robert Norramby - ロバート・ノランビー伯爵 Robāto・Noranbī Hakushaku


  • This is the first country that gave the show its own individual voice cast.
  • In this version, the nameboards are used for introduction of the characters who appeared in each episode. From eighth season, the narrator calls title of episode at the end of each episode.
  • 'Arry is called "Harry".
  • After the eighth season, the original voice cast was replaced due to the show switching to another broadcasting station.
  • The eleventh season episodes use the ninth - tenth season opening.
  • It is unknown why the twelfth season was skipped, but it is believed that kids would be confused of seeing the mixture of live action with CGI. Although some episodes of the season has been shown exclusively at Thomas Land's 3D Theatre and Video on Demand in Japan.
  • In seventeenth season, The Opening Credits credited Greg Tiernan as a director from Steamie Stafford, the 1st episode of the season in Japanese broadcast order, but it was fixed from Gone Fishing, the 13th episode of the season.
  • Jack and the Sodor Construction Company was never released on DVD in Japan.
  • In some Thomas CGI movies they sounded low-pitched.

South Korea


Korean Titles

In South Korea the series is translated as "꼬마기관차 토마스와 친구들" and is narrated by Kim Seung-jun.

Latin America


Latin American logo

In Latin American countries, the series is called "Thomas y sus Amigos" and is currently narrated by Óscar Gómez. It is often broadcast on Discovery Kids. It currently airs on Canal 5 in Mexico but used to air on Azteca 7.

The narration was previously provided by Diego Brizzi from Seasons 1-5 and Arturo Mercado Jr. from Seasons 8-12.

Voice Cast

Since Hero of the Rails, there has been a voice cast:


  • The Fat Controller was referred to as "The Fat Inspector" in the Classic Series, but from Season 8 onwards, he is called "Sir Topham Hatt".
  • For seasons 1-5, the Season 6 intro is used and afterwards, the engines are introduced.
  • Seasons 6 and 7 were seemingly never aired in Latin America. A few episodes from these seasons were only ever released in audio tracks for US compilation DVDs.
  • The opening credits from Season 8 onwards credit Michael Brandon and Mark Moraghan as the narrator, even though it was redubbed.
  • The official website had not been updated since the release of Misty Island Rescue. Also, the videos on the site use the narration for Spain.

Middle East

In Arabic speaking countries, the series is known as توماس والأصدقاء.

The Netherlands


Dutch Titles Season 11

In the Netherlands, the series is known as "Thomas de Stoomlocomotief" and is narrated by Erik de Zwart from the first season to the eleventh season and up to Day of the Diesels for the specials and Michiel de Jong from Blue Mountain Mystery onwards for the specials and the thirteenth season for the television series.


Character Names

  • Whiff - Snif
  • Mighty Mac - Jut en Jul
  • Bulgy - Dikkie
  • Sir Topham Hatt - Meneer Hoogsma Hoed
  • S.C. Ruffey - Schoffie




Old Norwegian logo

In Norway, the series is known as "Lokomotivet Thomas" (Thomas the Engine) or "Thomas og Vennene Hans" (Thomas and His Friends). It has been narrated by Kalle Øby since the eighth season. Trine Lossius Borg narrated seasons one- four. Gro Solemdal narrated the fifth season. Terje Strømdal narrated the sixth season. The first four seasons aired on Boomerang until early 2013 and the thirteenth - fifteenth seasons currently air on TV2 Junior.

New Norwegian logo


Norwegian opening title

Voice Cast

  • Espen Sandvik: Thomas, Henry, Toby, and Spencer
  • Anders Sundstedt: Percy, Victor, Rocky (Hero of the Rails only), the Knapford Stationmaster, the Mayor of Sodor, and the Bird Watcher
  • Øyvind Borgemoen Lyse: Edward, Gordon, Merrick, Sir Topham Hatt, and Sir Lowham Hatt
  • Marit Berg: Emily, Mavis, and the Duchess of Boxford

    Norwegian Season 13-15 voice cast list

  • Helge Winther Larsen: James, Hiro, Kevin, the Duke of Boxford, and the Docks Manager
  • Christoffer Staib: Stanley, Bash (Thomas' Crazy Day, Jumping Jobi Wood!, and Gordon and Ferdinand only), Dash, Diesel, 'Arry, Diesel 10, Harold, Captain, Cranky, Farmer McColl, a dockyard worker, and the two bakers
  • Sigbjørn Solheim: Charlie, Whiff, Bash, Dash (Thomas' Crazy Day, Jumping Jobi Wood!, and Gordon and Ferdinand only), Bert, Bertie, Butch, the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre Manager, and the Maithwaite Stationmaster (A Blooming Mess only)
  • Lena Meieran: Rosie, Belle, Dowager Hatt, Alicia Botti, Stephen Hatt, Bridget Hatt, the Small Boy, and Bridget Hatt's Friends
  • Christian Greger Strøm: Ferdinand, Scruff, Salty, Rocky (thirteenth season onwards), Mr. Bubbles, Farmer Trotter, the Maithwaite Stationmaster, and the Railway Coal Inspector
  • Benedikte Kruse: Lady Hatt, the Teacher, and the Blonde-haired Boy


  • Sir Topham Hatt is called "Kontrollsjefen", which means "The Control Chief". Although, in the Classic Series, he was often called "Herr Flossenhatt" which means "Sir Topham Hatt". In the eighth season episode Thomas and the Firework Display, he was called "Den Tykke Kontrolløren" which means "The Fat Controller".
  • Mr. Percival is often called "Jernbanesjefen" which means "The Railway Chief". In the newer episodes, he is called "Smalsporsjefen", which means "The Narrow Gauge Chief". In Blue Mountain Mystery, he is called "Kontrollassistenten", which means "The Control Assistent".
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad, the seventh season, the twelfth season, and Jack and the Sodor Construction Company were never shown in Norway. This meant that the audience would not know about Splatter and DodgeFergusFloraHank, NelsonPatrickColin or Buster's name. The eleventh season never aired on television, it was released direct to DVD, except for episodes 19 and 20, which were never released. The last six episodes of the fifth season were never released on VHS or DVD.
  • For unknown reasons, Calling All Engines! was released before the eighth season, The Great Discovery was released on DVD between the ninth and tenth seasons, Hero of the Rails was released on DVD in the middle of the tenth season, Misty Island Rescue was released during the eleventh season, Day of the Diesels was released at the end of the eleventh season, and Blue Mountain Mystery was released in the middle of the thirteenth season.
  • 'Arry is called "Harry".
  • The opening titles in the Classic Series and the New Series credited the UK narrators and not the Norwegian narrator.
  • During the first six seasons, the narrator read the episode's title. This stopped after the eighth season. Although, in some eleventh season episodes, the narrator says the episode's title because the title card is missing.
  • Gordon's cathphrase changes between "Oh, so undignified!", "Oh, how nefarious!", and "What a humiliation!"
  • Since the thirteenth season, Tidmouth Sheds is referred to as "Tidmouth Station". In the fifteenth season, it is sometimes referred to as "Tidmouthstallen" which means "Tidmouth Sheds".
  • In Trine Lossius Borg's narration, Duke is called the Norwegian word for Duke, "Hertugen".
  • Since the thirteenth season, Engine Rollcall is in Norwegian.
  • Bash and Dash are called "Krutt" and "Futt".
  • Mr. Bubbles is called "Herr Boblemann", which means "Mr. Bubbleman".
  • When the Fat Controller's name is used, they do not say "Bertram", they say "Topham".
  • Kuffy the Clown is called "Klovnen Krølle", which means "Curly the Clown".
  • Captain is called "Skipper".
  • Whiff is called "Piff", which is a Norwegian word for the chuffing sound that steam engines make.
  • Ol' Wheezy is called "Gamle Snøfte", which means "Old Snorty".
  • Hee-Haw is called "Hiv-og-Ho", which means "Heave-and-Ho".
  • The Shake Shake Bridge is called "Vaklebrua" or "Vinglebrua" which means "the Wobble Bridge".
  • Henrietta is called "Henriette" from the eleventh season onwards.
  • The eleventh season episodes use the eighth - tenth season opening, end credits, and Engine Rollcall. The fourteenth and fifteenth season episodes use the thirteenth season Engine Rollcall.
  • Scruff is called "Rusk".
  • Like in the UK and US, the fifteenth season aired before Day of the Diesels, barring the last three episodes.
  • Since the fifteenth season, Arlesdale End is called "Arlesdale Station".
  • Bash and Dash often switch voices.
  • Dart's catchphrase is "Digre Dieseler" which means "Giant Diesels".
  • For unknown reasons, the last three episodes of the fifteenth season aired five months later than the rest of the season when it first aired.
  • In the fifteenth season, Den is called "Drift" and Dart is called "Dag".
  • The thirteenth season episodes on television have title cards, but on the DVDs the title cards are removed and the narrator reads the episode's title.
  • The first five seasons aired on NRK1 until 2005. TV2 started broadcasting in 2006 starting with the sixth season. In fall 2014, the series was made available to RiksTV (season 1-4 + 8-9) and CMORE play (season 1-4) users. Some of these episodes were redubbed because they did not have any digital copies of the Norwegian narration. In these narrations, Peter Sam is referred to as "Sir Peter", like he is in the Danish narration.
  • Old Slow Coach is known as "The Old Snail".



Polish opening titles for Season 13

In Poland, the series is known as "Tomek i Przyjaciele".

Voice Cast

Since the thirteenth season, there has been a voice cast:

Character Names


  • Season 12, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and Jack and the Sodor Construction Company were never released in Poland.
  • The series logo was not translated into Polish until Season 14.
  • The opening credits in the New Series onwards credits Michael Angelis and Mark Moraghan even though it was redubbed.
  • Currently, Stefan Knothe ties with Dutch narrator Erik de Zwart, Welsh narrator John Ogwen. and Israeli narrator Simcha Barbiro as the longest serving narrator for a non-English dub of the series.


In Portugal, the series is known as "Thomas o Trem Azul" and is narrated by Pierre Borsan.

Character Names



Romanian logo


Logo used by Egmont Ro.

In Romania, the series is known as "Locomotiva Thomas și prietenii săi". The show was first broadcasted in 2006 on MiniMax TV Romania, starting with the eighth season, followed up by Calling All Engines! in 2007 and the ninth season in 2008, all narrated by Daniel Vulcu. Also, in 2007, HIT Entertainment's JimJam TV channel, started airing the show. JimJam TV Romania is currently broadcasting the first-eleventh seasons, Calling all Engines!, and The Great Discovery. All of the classic seasons are in restored format, except for season 3 which only has the restored intro and credits. In 2010, MiniMax TV Romania started airing the CGI series, as well as all the CGI specials.



In Russia, the series is known as "Томас и друзья" and was first dubbed into Russian in 1995. It was narrated by Alexei Borzunov from the first-fifteenth seasons. From the fifth season onwards, the Russian version was shown in Ukraine.

Character Names

  • Thomas - Томас
  • Edward - Эдвард
  • Henry - Генри
  • Gordon - Гордон
  • James - Джеймс
  • Percy - Перси
  • Toby - Тоби
  • Emily - Эмили
  • Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller - Большой начальник/Толстяк-инспектор


  • The Russian Narration of the Classic and New Series credits Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis as the narrators, even though it was redubbed.
  • Ever since Season 17, the narrator has read out each episode's writer along with its title.



In Scottish Gaelic, the series is called "Tomas is a Threud" and is narrated by Ian MacAmhlaigh. It is often shown on BBC Alba.

Character Names

  • Thomas - Tòmas
  • Edward - Eideard
  • James - Seumas
  • Percy - Pearsaidh
  • Toby - Tobaidh
  • Emily - Oighrig
  • Diesel - Dìosail
  • Duncan - Dhonnchadh
  • The Fat Controller - Riaghladair Reamhair (The Fat Ruler)
  • Farmer McColl - Farmer MacColla


  • The narrator did not read the episode's titles from the point that Season 9 was released.
  • To date, only the eighth season and the ninth season have been translated into Gaelic.


In Slovenia, the show is known as "Lokomotivček Tomaž in prijatelji" and is narrated by Vladimir Jurc.


Character Names

  • Thomas - Tomaž
  • Edward - Edvard
  • Henry - Henrik
  • Gordon - Gorazd
  • James - Jakob/Janez
  • Percy - Poldi
  • Toby - Tobi
  • Duck - Cene
  • Donald - Gašper
  • Douglas - Grega
  • Oliver - Oliver
  • Emily - Ema/Emili
  • Stepney - Gustek
  • Mavis - Manca/Maja
  • BoCo - Boko
  • Bill - Jan
  • Ben - Žan
  • Diesel - Dizel
  • Rosie - Roza
  • Jack - Jaka
  • Alfie - Alfi
  • Byron - Bine
  • Bertie - Berti
  • Elizabeth - Elizabella
  • Arthur - Tone
  • Stanley - Stanko
  • Skarloey - Alfonz
  • Rheneas - Rudolf
  • Sir Handel - Silvester
  • Peter Sam - Peterček
  • Rusty - Zlatko
  • Duke - Grof
  • Bertram - Bernard
  • Salty - Slavko
  • Daisy - Suzi
  • Hiro - Hinko
  • Victor - Viktor
  • Kevin - Kevin
  • Harold - Dolfe
  • Arry - Artur
  • Bert - Bert
  • Diesel 10 - Dizel 10
  • Molly - Mimi
  • Madge - Magda
  • Spencer - Štefan
  • Harvey - Zdene
  • Trevor - Brane
  • Whiff - Vine
  • Scruff - Robi
  • Bash - Bine
  • Dash - Tine
  • Ferdinand - Ferdinand
  • Luke - Luka
  • Lady - Dama
  • Belle - Beti


  • The seventh-twelfth seasons did not air, but the names of the characters introduced in those seasons can be found in magazines.


In Spain, the series is known as "Thomas y sus Amigos". It is narrated by Salomé Larrucea while Roberto Cuadrado does the voices.



Swedish logo

In Sweden, the series is known as "Thomas och Vännerna". It has been narrated by Håkan Mohede, Louise Raeder and Claes Ljungmark. It is shown on TV4.

Character Names

  • Mighty Mac - Strong Adolf
  • Bulgy - Butter
  • The Fat Controller - Chefen (chief)
  • Peter Sam - Sir Peter
  • Salty - Saltis

Location Names

  • Sodor - Rälsö


  • The Swedish dub of Season 1 credits Ringo Starr as the narrator, even though it was redubbed.


In Taiwan, the series is known as "湯瑪士小火車". The series is shown being redubbed into Mandarin.

Location Names

  • Sodor - 多多島(Dou Dou Daw)


  • The fourth season's narrator is credited as George Carlin, the fifth season with Alec Baldwin, and the sixth season onwards by Michael Angelis, even though the series was redubbed.


In Thailand, the series is known as โทมัสและเพื่อน.


In Turkey, the series is known as "Thomas ve Arkadaşları".


  • The Turkish dub of the CGI series credits Michael Angelis as the narrator, even though it is redubbed.



In Ukraine, the series is known as "Паровоз Томас та його друзі" and was narrated by lector Mykola Koziy (Микола Козій) with the translations done by Oleksa Nehrebeckyj. The narration uses a voice over method, as the Ukranian voice track is layered over the original English track, a common practice in Eastern Europe. Seasons one-four seem to be the only seasons done for the Ukrainian market as the Russian language is still a large part of the Ukrainian culture.

The Ukranian dub only ever aired from 1997-1998, and was never re-aired afterwards.



In Vietnam, the series is known as "Thomas và những người bạn".



Original Welsh Intro


Season 3 Welsh intro


Welsh opening titles for the sixth season


CGI Welsh intro


"Thomas back soon!"

In Wales, the series is called "Tomos a'i Ffrindiau" and is narrated by John Ogwen. It is often broadcast on Cyw.

Character Names

  • Thomas - Tomos
  • Henry - Henri
  • James - Jêms
  • Percy - Pyrsi/Persi/Perci
  • Toby - Tobi
  • Duck - Dyc
  • Emily - Emili
  • Oliver - Olifer
  • Diesel - Disl
  • Bill - Bil
  • Mavis - Mefis
  • 'Arry - Harri
  • Rosie - Rosi
  • Charlie - Charli
  • Scruff - Sgryff
  • Skarloey - Sgarloi
  • Rheneas - Rhinias/Rheinas
  • Bertie - Berti
  • Trevor - Trefor
  • Bulgy - Bwlgi
  • Elizabeth - Elisabeth
  • Jack - Jac
  • Alfie- Alfi
  • Cranky - Caradog/Cranci
  • Jeremy - Jeremi
  • Ol' Wheezy - Wheezy
  • Hee-Haw - Hee-Hoh
  • The Fat Controller - Y Rheolwr Tew
  • Lady Hatt - Foneddiges Hatt
  • Alicia Botti - Alyssia Bottie
  • Farmer McColl - Mr. McCall
  • Farmer Trotter - Mr. Trotter


  • The first eight episodes of the fourteenth season used the thirteenth season's version of the Engine Roll Call.
  • Currently, John Ogwen ties with Dutch narrator Erik de Zwart, Polish narrator Stefan Knothe and Israeli narrator Simcha Barbiro as the longest serving narrator for a non-English dub of the series.
  • During the thirteenth and fourteenth seasons, uncredited voice actors performed the voices of the characters.
  • Unusually, the Welsh dub is the only known version of the show to translate all of the signs within the episodes.

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