This article is about magazine story. You may be looking for 'the episode'.
“I always call him Boxy, now he does me a good turn!"”

One Good Turn Is a Magazine Story. It serves as a follow up to Showing Off.


Toby feels very sorry for what had happened with Diesel and the trucks at the quarry and the Fat Controller is very cross with Diesel for what had happened, and tells him that if this continues, he will be sent away. Toby interrupts and tells the Fat Controller that stones were underneath the trucks' wheels and that he did not tell Diesel. The Fat Controller then lets the matter rest for the time being and that Diesel can thank Toby for it. 

Diesel has no idea on how to thank Toby for letting him off the hook, and he can not seem to get the matter off his mind. The more he tries to forget about Toby, the more he stays on his mind, and Diesel then feels sorry for not thanking Toby.

Then one day, coal is at the harbour and it has not been collected, and Diesel then gets the idea to take the coal to Toby. He shows Toby the trucks full of coal and Toby asks what it is for, and Diesel tells him that it is his way of saying thank you. Toby is pleased and then thinks that maybe Diesel is not so mean after all.