On the Go with Thomas is a UK DVD featuring seven twenty-first season episodes.


The Engines of Sodor are On the GO!

When James learns that Rosie has been repainted red, he boasts that he is the fastest red engine on Sodor and challenges her to a race. When his breaks fail, sending him crashing through Tidmouth Sheds, James learns that even the fastest engines must listen to their friends. Meanwhile, Millie's tensions are sent puffing high, Hannah races recklessly and chaos ensues when Dowager Hatt takes charge. The Fat Controller causes confusion and delay with a new P.A. system and Thomas veers off schedule. With unexpected antics around every bend, there's never a dull day on Sodor!


  1. The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor
  2. A Shed for Edward
  3. Dowager Hatt's Busy Day
  4. Runaway Engine
  5. P.A. Problems
  6. Hasty Hannah
  7. Unscheduled Stops

Bonus Features


  • On the prototype cover, Thomas' face has a different happy expression and Rosie can be seen emitting sparks from her brakes.


  • James' tender is missing on the front cover.
  • The Who's That Engine's audio goes slightly out of sync.