This article is about 'the De Agostini magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2003 or 2004 magazine story'.
“James wants to go for a swim. Let's trip him up and push him in!”
―the trucks

On the Beach is a short magazine story.


It is a lovely day on Sodor, but James is feeling hot and cross. He is pulling a long line of very troublesome trucks along the track beside the sea. James sees some children playing on the beach and wishes he could go for a paddle, too. The trucks overhear James' sighs and decide to help him. Before James knew what was happening, the trucks bump him off the rails and into the sea. The children come running to see if James is all right. They decorate James with seaweed and shells and take his photograph.

James smiles happily as the cool waves wash around his wheels. Then, the Fat Controller arrives and reminds James that he is not supposed to be on holiday and that he must not let his trucks play tricks. The trucks just laugh.