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This article is about the Story Library book. You may be looking for the engine, the Railway Series book, the excavator, the Engine Adventures book, the 1997 magazine story or the 1998 magazine story.

Oliver, re-titled Oliver the Great Western Engine in 2011, is the fourteenth book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


Douglas helps save Oliver from being scrapped along with Isabel and Toad. The Fat Controller is proud of this and gives Oliver the job of working on Duck's branch line.




  • In the seventh illustration, Douglas does not have buffers on his tender.
  • Oliver's bogie wheels are dark grey in some illustrations while in others they are the correct green colour.
  • The side of Oliver's running board is red when it should be black.
  • Douglas' front wheel-arches are incorrectly painted black.
  • Class 40's buffers are black when they should be white. Also, his number is missing.
  • In the second illustration, the Diesel appears to have a second face with no facial features.
  • In the second illustration, the Diesel is missing his two back wheels and his number is still missing.