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Old Coaches

In the television series, the old coaches were used on local passenger trains due to their age. They only appeared in the first season, and were first seen in Edward and Gordon. The coaches were often seen being pulled by Edward. It is presumed that they were either scrapped, or sold to the Other Railway.


The old coaches are based on Great Eastern Railway Holden four wheel coaches.


The old coaches are painted green with cream windows. In the first season episode, Edward and Gordon, three coaches in the goods shed behind Edward appear to be unmodified versions of the old coaches painted in LNER Teak livery.

In a postcard, two coaches appear to be painted brown with tan windows.



  • The old coaches bear a slight resemblance to Emily's Coaches.
  • The old coaches appear to have only have been painted on one side for financial reasons. In Coal, as Henry rounds a bend, their teak livery can briefly be seen. This would also account for the teak coach appearing in a deleted scene from Edward and Gordon, as well as the brake coach being backwards in numerous shots.
  • In the magazine story, Clarabel's New Friend, a sentient coach painted green with cream windows resembling the Old Coaches appears nicknamed The New Coach.
  • Their ERTL models are both brake coaches and are recycled from Annie and Clarabel.

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