“You'd be surprised what you miss when you whizz along quickly!”

Oh-So-Slow! is a magazine story.


Thomas puffs breathlessly along his branchline. He can only move very slowly as he is badly in need of service. Then, Daisy speeds past on the other track. To make matter worse, even a team of cyclists pedal past Thomas.

As Thomas carries on cautiously, he spots a speedboat skimming across a lake, pulling a water-skier. Windsurfers and yachts speed along too. Presently, Thomas reaches a hill and watches Bertie motor effortlessly over it, closely followed by a group of runners. Even Terence the Tractor is going along quickly on the back of a lorry.

At last, Thomas clatters into the Main Station and finds Gordon there, boasting as usual about how fast he can pull the express. Thomas tells him that going slow isn't that bad; you can miss an awful lot going fast.



  • Thomas is missing his eyebrows in the fourth illustration.


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