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The Nylint Corporation was a toy manufacturer that produced moderately successful Thomas the Tank Engine toys in the 1990s.

Battery Powered

In 1990, a battery powered Thomas set was released. This four pack included Annie and Clarabel and a troublesome truck.

Playsets and Accessories

  • Thomas Playset
  • Percy Playset
  • Toby Playset

Hand Powered

A plastic Thomas with Annie and Clarabel were released. These were not powered in anyway and were pulled along by the user.

In 1992 the range was expanded to include Percy with two Troublesome Trucks, and Toby with Henrietta and a Troublesome Truck.

A 9 piece set was released with a case. These were packaged with a Shining Time Station theme.

Playsets and Accessories


An 'activity centre' was also produced.

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