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“Where are we going?"
"To a small town called Buñol. There is going to be a big celebration, and we are collecting the most important thing for the festival!”
―Thomas and Nuria, Thomas Joins a Tomato Fight in Spain

Nuria is a Spanish tank engine, whom Thomas once met when he visited Spain.


When Thomas travelled to Spain, he met Nuria. She and Thomas had the very important pickup of boxes and crates of tomatoes for the Tomato Festival in the town, Buñol.


Nuria is based on the 030-0219 locomotive of Renfe, Spain.


Nuria is painted navy with white stripes and a white cab roof. She has navy wheels with red centres. The plates on the side of her water tanks are red with a grey border.




  • Nuria has visible cylinders, but her siderods aren't connected to them.
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