“Chuff, chuff, chuff! Puff, puff, puff!”

Noisy Stafford is a Thomas Story Time book.


One day, Stafford sees some children on a bridge waving to Thomas and Percy as they nosily clatter below them. Stafford, being electric, only makes a soft humming sound and the children wonder why he is so quiet.

A little later, a rather sad Stafford meets Thomas and Percy on the mainline. Thomas and Percy agree to teach Stafford some steam engine sounds. Soon, Stafford is making all sorts of puffing and chuffing sounds as he races happily on his way. At the docks, Stafford hears Henry wheeshing loudly and later hears Gordon whistling. Stafford decides to imitate these sounds too. When Stafford next passes the children on the bridge, he makes his steamie sounds and the children cheer him.

While Stafford is charging up his battery in the yard, the Fat Controller arrives with an urgent job; Farmer McColl needs help and Stafford is just the engine for the job. Stafford is still making his engine sounds as he arrives at McColl Farm which scares the sheep who run away. Stafford can hear the sheep further up the track and quietly takes Farmer McColl to find them. The sheep board Stafford's wagons and Stafford takes them to their new field. Farmer McColl states that the sheep like Stafford because he is quiet. Stafford now realises that it is good to be a quiet engine sometimes and does not make the steam engine sounds anymore.




  • Gordon is said to honk his horn and blow his whistle, but steam engines do not have horns.

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