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“I'm taking Annie and Clarabel out on your branch line."
"But they're MY coaches! That's MY job!"
"Not without your snowplough!”
―Emily and Thomas

No Snow for Thomas is a Thomas Story Time book.


During the winter, all the engines have to wear snowploughs because it might snow hard, but Thomas does not like wearing it, so he tricks his Driver into taking it off and leaves it in a siding. The following night, Sodor is covered in snow. Sir Topham Hatt is not happy to hear about Thomas' missing snowplough, so he tells Thomas to stay in the shed. He sends Emily to clear Thomas' branch line for him.

Emily is not happy. As she clears the tracks, she sees children having fun in the snow. It makes her think that maybe snow can be fun after all. Soon Emily is having great fun and she clears the tracks in no time. Sir Topham Hatt is pleased with Emily's good job, so he lets her take Annie and Clarabel on Thomas' branch line. Emily is very happy.

Emily goes back to the shed and tells Thomas that she gets to pull his coaches. Thomas is shocked to hear this. He wants to pull them himself since they belong to him. After Emily has disappeared, he goes out to look for his snowplough. He looks for the siding where he left it, but none of the sidings have been cleared. Soon he is stuck. Thomas is worried that no one will find him, but soon he hears Emily approaching. Sir Topham Hatt is on board. He is very cross with Thomas for going out without his snowplough. Thomas admits that he hid it. Then Emily tells him that she found the snowplough buried in the snow. Thomas is very happy and promises to always wear it in the snow. Then it starts to snow again. Thomas puffs as hard as he can, but the snow gets too thick. Thomas to the field where the children are playing. Thomas is glad he has not missed out on all the fun.