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This article is about the Chinese DVD. You may be looking for the episode, the book or the Thai DVD.

No Snow For Thomas is a Chinese DVD featuring six episodes from the seventeenth season.


It is a snowy day, but Thomas doesn't want to wear his snow plough. So he decides to hide it on a siding and pretends he doesn't know where it is. The Fat Controller has no choice but to leave Thomas in his shed and send Emily out to clear the tracks instead, but when Thomas sees Emily having fun in the snow he soon feels like he's missing out. Eager to join the fun Thomas goes in search of his snowplough but the snow has covered everything and Thomas soon becomes stuck in the thick snowfall.


  1. The Frozen Turntable
  2. Percy's Lucky Day
  3. No Snow For Thomas
  4. Bill or Ben?
  5. The Missing Christmas Decorations
  6. Santa's Little Engine


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