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Season 9

Stephen Asquith


Simon Spencer


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Music by

Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch

Preceded by

Season 8

Followed by

Season 10

The ninth season of the television series was first broadcast in 2005. The twenty-six episode season was narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US.


  1. Percy and the Oil Painting - Percy takes a fussy painter around Sodor so that he can paint a picture of the "Spirit of Sodor".
  2. Thomas and the Rainbow - Thomas is distracted by a rainbow.
  3. Molly's Special Special - Thomas helps Molly make her empty trucks look important.
  4. Thomas' Milkshake Muddle - Thomas is dismayed when he has to get ingredients to make ice cream.
  5. Mighty Mac - Mighty Mac is an engine with two faces and a problem deciding where to go.
  6. Thomas and the Toy Shop - Thomas takes some toys to the Knapford toy shop.
  7. Respect for Gordon - Gordon begins bossing the others about.
  8. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic - Thomas tries to find a place for Dowager Hatt's birthday picnic.
  9. Tuneful Toots - Rusty gets stranded while showing the brass band around and uses his horn to save the day.
  10. Rheneas and the Dinosaur - Rheneas tries to single-handedly take a dinosaur skeleton to the Transfer Yards.
  11. Thomas and the New Engine - Thomas sees 'Arry and Bert talking to Neville and thinks the three are planning a trick.
  12. Toby Feels Left Out - A museum is being opened and Toby is worried he'll be put in it.
  13. Thomas Tries His Best - Thomas wants to do something for the fair.
  14. The Magic Lamp - Peter Sam goes looking for a magic lamp after Skarloey tells him the story of Proteus.
  15. Thomas and the Statue - Thomas is chosen to take a statue, which he believes is of him.
  16. Henry and the Flagpole - Henry fears his favourite tree will be cut down to provide a flagpole for Callan Castle.
  17. Emily Knows Best - Emily pretends to be a queen, only to cause confusion.
  18. Thomas' Day Off - Dennis gets Thomas to do his work.
  19. Thomas' New Trucks - Thomas is jealous when James gets new trucks.
  20. Duncan and the Old Mine - Duncan, looking for adventure, ventures into a disused mine.
  21. Bold and Brave - Diesel tells spooky tales to Thomas and Ben.
  22. Skarloey the Brave - Skarloey proves to be a daredevil when he tries to ride up the incline.
  23. Saving Edward - Edward cannot take his train and fears he will be scrapped.
  24. Thomas and the Golden Eagle - Thomas tries to see a rare golden eagle.
  25. Keeping Up with James - James' impatience proves to be disastrous.
  26. Flour Power - Diesel spooks Thomas, but he gets back at him.


Characters introduced


  • Rusty is referred to as female in some American narrations of Tuneful Toots and Duncan and the Old Mine.
  • This was Sharon Miller's first season as script editor. Sharon Miller became the first head writer in the twelfth season.
  • This was the first season in which Thomas appeared in every episode, albeit not speaking in all of them.
  • From this season onwards, the title cards are read aloud by the narrator.
  • This series saw its terrestrial premiere in 2006, being the first series to air on Channel 5's Milkshake block. However repeats of Season 8 were shown before.

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