“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”
―the engines counting down to the New Year

New Year Countdown is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is New Year's Eve on the Island of Sodor and the Fat Controller and his family have decided to organise a big party. They have bought lots of banners and balloons, Mr. Bubbles has been invited to entertain the children and a band will play music at night.

Thomas has just dropped off Mr. Bubbles when the station telephone rings. The Fat Controller answers and sounds most disappointed. Allicia Botti, the night's special guest, has been snowed in whilst on holiday and cannot make it to the party. The Fat Controller is very upset as they will have no special guest to do the New Year's Eve countdown. Thomas returns to the engine sheds where he has a brilliant idea.

Later that night, the engines take the guests to the party and then race back to the sheds. The Fat Controller is worried his engines will miss the celebration. Just then, a little boy spots a lot of bright lights in the distance and calls out. Everyone turns to look. All the engines have decorated themselves with bright twinkly lights - even Diesel. Then, Thomas leads the engines in counting down to the New Year. As the clock strikes midnight, Thomas and all his friends whistle loudly. Then, hundreds of fireworks soar into the sky. Everyone cheers loudly and the party guests sing and dance into the night. The Fat Controller thinks it has been the best New Year's Eve surprise ever.