“Be careful! You don't want to lose your way!"
"Peep, peep! I know where to go. I know where to go!”
―Edward and Thomas

Thomas and the New Station, also titled New Tracks for Thomas, is a book.


Sir Topham Hatt plans to have a passenger service on one of the freight branch lines with Thomas taking the trains. When Edward hears about this, he advises Thomas to learn his new route slowly and carefully. But Thomas, puffed up about attending the opening of the new passenger service, does not listen to Edward.

Come the appointed day, Thomas puffs off along his new route much too fast, ignoring both Edward and his driver to slow down. Thomas eventually slows down when he does not know where he is. After a while, he carries on down the track until he arrives at the new station. Though the crowd cheers for Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt scolds him for being very careless and tells him that he must learn the new route properly. That night, Thomas finally follows Edward's advice. And the following day, he learns his new route slowly and carefully.



  • Gordon's valance is much longer than usual.


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