“That's what I call a very special delivery!”

New Delivery, retitled The New Delivery in 2011, is a magazine story.


James had helped all the horses get to the showground of the Sodor Horse Show. As a treat, his driver lets him stay to watch the show. Then a smartly-dressed man with a medical bag walks over. James thinks it is a doctor for his driver but the driver explains that the man is a vet to look after the horses. As the show started, James spots the vet trying to navigate his way out of the crowded car park, but to no avail. James and his driver conclude that something must be wrong and whistle to get the vet's attention. The vet tells them that he is needed urgently at Sunnyhill Farm. James takes him there as quick as he can. Once there, the vet thanks James and runs quickly to the stables as James returns to the Horse Show.

A few days later, James passes Sunnyhill Farm again and spots the vet's car parked nearby. James asks if they can stop to say hello; the driver agrees. James sees the vet talking to the farmer. Standing close to them are two horses; an old and a young one. James remarks that he cannot remember seeing the two at the Horse Show. The Vet replies that the little horse was not born then and that was his emergency. James is very proud to have helped with a very special delivery.