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Neil Crone (born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 29th, 1960) is a Canadian actor who provided voices for some of the characters in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Improvisation partners Neil Crone and Kevin Frank had originally auditioned to voice the troublesome trucks. Crone was given the role of Diesel 10 when Britt Allcroft and the producers heard him doing a Russian accent whilst fooling around during the recording of the trucks' lines. The Russian accent was eventually dropped after test audiences claimed that it would be offensive. While fooling around, Frank and Crone were asked to try out for some of the other characters.

Besides voicing many of the characters, Neil Crone and Kevin Frank were also asked to add more comedy to the script. It was Neil Crone's idea to name Diesel 10's claw "Pinchy".

He is currently playing Ray on the Canadian sitcom "Really Me" and voicing Dwayne in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.




  • He worked on "The Magic School Bus" alongside Shining Time Station actress Erica Luttrell.
  • Both he and Salty's Lighthouse voice actress Lenore Zann voiced characters from "Stunt Dawgs".
  • He writes a syndicated column for Metroland Newspapers. Some of these columns have recently been released in a book compilation.


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