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“Wake up, lazy bones! Your brass is filthy, aren't you ashamed?"
yawned Skarloey You're just an old fusspot!”
―Skarloey and Nancy, "Passengers and Polish"

Nancy Rushen is a guard's daughter who lived near the Skarloey Railway and occasionally polished the engines.


The Railway Series

Born in 1953 to a guard and his wife, Nancy is distantly related to Mr. Roger Sam, the Thin Controller, for she is the great-granddaughter of Beatrice, one of Mr. Robert Sam's sisters.

On one occasion she was polishing Skarloey for Rheneas' return and Duncan became extremely jealous after she had no time to clean him, as she was scheduled to help the Refreshment Lady. She later appeared in Very Old Engines polishing Skarloey for his centenary. After he became cross and she called him a "crosspatch", Skarloey told her the story of his first days on the railway and the time he really was a crosspatch.

She has now grown up and lives with her husband, whom she met while he was working as a volunteer on the Railway, on the Isle of Man. They make the short journey back to Sodor to see their married daughters and the railway as often as they can.

Thomas & Friends


Nancy's attire consisted of an orange sweater, blue jeans and a red and white hat with a pom-pom on top.


Voice Actors


  • Her surname, Rushen, is likely taken from the Manx sheading and parish of Rushen.


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