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My Thomas Story Library
Illustrated by

Robin Davies
Jerry Smith
Phil Jacobs
Creative Design
Clive Spong




HiT Entertainment

My Thomas Story Library is a series of books for children published by Egmont in collaboration with HiT Entertainment. The stories featured in some books are loose adaptations of original Railway Series stories by the Reverend W. Awdry, whilst others are adapted from the television series.

The books are illustrated using special enhanced graphics by Robin Davies and Jerry Smith. Phil Jacobs, Creative Designs, and Clive Spong have helped out with illustrations as well.

The series ended in 2011 after experiencing a decrease in sales. It was replaced by the Thomas Story Time series in 2012.

Current titles










50 of the 65 titles in the series were republished and given new covers.

Personalised books

  • 'You' and the Birthday Surprise

There is a special edition of the "My Thomas Story Library" books which allows parents, mothers or fathers of Thomas fans to have their child placed in a special story as a character, who has a special birthday trip with Thomas. The book is called "You and the Birthday Surprise".

  • 'You' and the Christmas Rescue

This is the second "My Thomas Story Library" books which allows people to have someone they want placed in a special story as a character, plus a friend of him/her too.


  • Donald and Douglas are painted blue, as in the Railway Series books.
  • In "Oliver", Oliver's autocoach Isabel appears, but not Dulcie; likewise, the Diesel makes a cameo appearance.
  • In "Murdoch", Harvey and Salty come to help Murdoch when he stops due to sheep instead of Toby as Murdoch's fire goes out and has no more steam.
  • In "Spencer", the writers clearly decided to use the deleted scene of Donald and Douglas from "Edward the Great" as the Scottish Twins are mentioned and shown in the illustrations.
  • In "Colin", Freddie meets both Rusty and Peter Sam at the same time and Thomas brings Mr. Percival back to the Wharf from Mountain Village Station.


  • Duck has green wheels in "Annie and Clarabel".
  • Bill and Ben have reversed letters in "Fergus".
  • Monty is referred to as Max in "Jack".
  • Arry and Bert have red bufferbeams in "Arry and Bert".
  • Thomas has no buffers in one of the last pictures in "Rocky". In the same book, Edward's wheels consistently change arrangement.
  • Daisy is depicted as a Co-Bo engine in "Daisy".
  • Mighty Mac is depicted as a standard gauge engine in "Mighty Mac".
  • In "Murdoch", Salty is said to have steamed after Harvey says "No need to be rude."
  • In Billy and Whiff's books, Diesel has yellow and black stripes on his front.
  • In one of the last pictures of "Emily", Thomas' wheels are the same size as Gordon's drive wheels. In the same book, Edward is depicted with a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement.
  • In the last illustration of "Duck", Donald has no tender.
  • On the front cover of "Spencer", Spencer doesn't have a front coupling hook.
  • Edward's side cab windows are missing their lining on the front cover of the original release of "Edward". However, the back covers of every book promoting Edward's book includes the lining.
  • In "Bulstrode", the text mentions that the trucks crash through the buffers, but the illustration shows that they come off the rails at the points.
  • In one illustration of "Oliver", Douglas' tender bufferbeam is black and doesn't have buffers or a coupling hook.
  • Throughout "Hank", Hank's first boiler band is red.
  • Percy is missing his siderods in his first appearance in "Hank".
  • In the first illustration of "Skarloey", Sir Handel is depicted with a white cab and blue bufferbeam.
  • In "Victor", James' drive wheels are missing in one illustration.


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