My Thomas Audiobook Library was an audiobook featuring stories from the My Thomas Story Library book series. It was to be released on CD and as an MP3 download. It was originally scheduled for release on 1 February 2016, but was cancelled. It is unknown when or if the audiobook will now be released.


The My Thomas Audiobook Library features some of the all-time classic stories about the Thomas & Friends characters! Follow Thomas - the cheeky little engine who often gets into scrapes - and his friends as they have all sorts of adventures, mishaps and fun. This collection includes: Thomas, James, Percy, Donald and Douglas, Diesel, Mavis, Toby, Molly, Annie and Clarabel, and The Fat Controller.


  1. Thomas (Story Library book)
  2. James (Story Library book)
  3. Percy (Story Library Book)
  4. Donald and Douglas (Story Library Book)
  5. Diesel (Story Library Book)
  6. Mavis (Story Library book)
  7. Toby (Story Library Book)
  8. Molly (Story Library Book)
  9. Annie and Clarabel (Story Library Book)
  10. The Fat Controller (Story Library Book)

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