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My First Thomas and Friends is a range of chunky plastic toys based on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. They are produced by the British toy company, Golden Bear Toys.

The range was first released around 1994 and was advertised for young infants who enjoyed the series.

The range was briefly available in America, distributed by TOMY. The toys are still available in many good retail toy shops all around the UK, and, despite speculation that perhaps the range has discontinued, after the absence of three years without new products, brand new models have started to appear on Amazon.

Regular range

Engines and vehicles

Rolling Stock


Drive-away Talking Engines

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • James
  • Spencer
  • Stanley

Talking My First Thomas and Friends

The talking versions of the "My First" models were first released in 2000. The models are more complex than the basic ones: their eyes move and they speak familiar phrases from the original stock narrations of Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis. Eleven of the models have never been released in the normal range.


  • When they first came out, the talking engines had the ability to speak to each other.
  • The sound test function that can be activated (when holding down the button, putting one battery back in the engine, and then letting go of the button) on the original engines from 2000 included the names of characters that were not released in the talking range, nor regular range.
  • Lady is the only talking engine from the interactive range to not be rereleased in the later non-interactive talking range.
  • The original and rereleased Percy's phrases are different.
  • Cranky is painted blue.
  • Duck and Oliver are missing their GWR lettering.
  • Bulstrode is yellow and blue.
  • James has red wheels.
  • James's bufferbeam is black.
  • Emily's bufferbeam is red.
  • Toby and Mavis's models don't have cowcatchers or sideplates
  • Peter Sam has his old funnel.
  • Whiff has silver wheel arches.
  • The Henry and Gordon models come in two versions; with separate tenders and with connected tenders.
  • The prototype Victor uses Oliver's face.
  • Daisy's buffers are black.
  • Percy uses Thomas's body tooling.
  • Edward uses James's body tooling.
  • Henry uses Gordon's body tooling.
  • George and Trevor's smokeboxes are green.
  • Duck, Diesel, Toad, the Fuel Tanker and Lorry 1's wheels are yellow.
  • Duck only has 4 wheels.
  • Thomas only has 4 wheels.
  • Bill and Ben are painted orange.
  • Sir Topham Hatt has a yellow car instead of blue.


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