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"Silly old Thomas,
All soot and steam,
Your whistle makes a nasty scream!
— The trucks
Musical Trucks

Thomas & Friends 613
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April 27th, 2011
May 23rd, 2012

Musical Trucks is a magazine story.


Thomas was shunting trucks but, as always, they were being troublesome and singing loudly. Later, Thomas had to take some children to the Town Hall to sing for the Mayor. Then he took them back to the station where they also sang. Afterwards, Thomas went back to his shunting and the trucks were being naughtier than ever.

Thomas thought of the choir and asked the Fat Controller if the trucks could sing for the railway staff. The trucks enjoyed singing to an audience and made up a new song, in which they apologise to Thomas for being so troublesome: "We're sorry Thomas, our big thanks to you. We promise not to be such trouble in all that we do!"



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