“Nobody tells us what to do!”
―The trucks[src]

Museum Mayhem is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller has an idea for bringing more visitors to Sodor - a new railway museum. When it opens, the Fat Controller is rather disappointed; it does not attract as many people as predicted. Later on, Thomas is shunting some very troublesome trucks. One of them hits a points lever beside the line. Thomas finds himself hurtling down the wrong line, towards the Railway Museum. The railway line runs straight through the museum's back door delivery gate. Unfortunately, there are no buffers to stop Thomas carrying on into the museum. Books and statues are sent flying as Thomas finally comes to a safe stop. The Fat Controller comes running and Thomas thinks he is going to be in big trouble. Lots of people rush into the museum to see what all the commotion is about. Soon the museum is nearly full. The Fat Controller smiles as Thomas looks around at the crowds of people with pride.



  • Thomas is said to have hurtled backwards towards the museum, but he seems to have hit the books head-on as they are piled in front of him.