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“Sparkle sparkle sparkle!”
―Mr. Conductor, Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Mr. Conductor is the deuteragonist of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. He is a 20-centimeter tall conductor who narrated the television series episodes that aired on Shining Time Station. Mr. Conductor has a cousin named Junior.

He was portrayed by Ringo Starr and George Carlin on Shining Time Station and by Alec Baldwin in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, each one being a different member of the Conductor family.



  • Mr. Conductor has also been a regular character at Day Out with Thomas events at the Battlefield Railway.
  • It was never explained if Alec Baldwin's character is either Starr or Carlin's, or if he is related to them.
  • He is the first character of the franchise to narrate in first-person, a role which would be given to Thomas eighteen years later.


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