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More Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends is the second of two railway safety books written by Christopher Awdry. It was published in 2001, along with Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends.


  • Toby and the Skateboarders - Some skateboarders get into trouble when one of them has a near miss with Toby at the station.
  • Nearly an Unhappy Christmas - A young girl loses her hat, which gets caught on the electrical lines running under a bridge. An electric engine and his driver stop her from reaching down from the bridge to get it, but can anyone rescue the hat?
  • Trouble on the Train - Two naughty girls push a young girl off Thomas' train, just as he leaves the station.



  • The story 'Nearly an Unhappy Christmas' features one of the electric engines, however, he/she is yet to be named and is so far the only appearance of this said engine.
  • Colouring book versions of this book and "Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends" were produced by Virgin Trains for children to colour in during their train journeys.
  • The story "Nearly an Unhappy Christmas", was rereleased under a new title that did not tie in with Thomas, The Very Special Train, published by Trackoff.


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