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“Out of the way, empty trucks (empty freight cars - US Narration) coming through!”

Molly's Special Special is the third episode of the ninth season.


When Thomas arrives at the yards and meets Molly, who tells him that she is dismayed that Emily laughed at her for having the job of pulling "empty trucks," Thomas vows to help her make her trucks look important. Thomas has some tarpaulins put on Molly's empty trucks to create the illusion of covering an important load, and is at first satisfied, but later rashly tells Gordon that Molly's special will be more important than the Express, and thinks of another idea. He borrows some lights from Peel and has them put on the trucks.

As the two later show them off to the others, a gust of wind blows a tarpaulin off and the secret is revealed. Molly, humiliated, steams off; but when engines waiting at the Coaling Plant need the empty trucks to deliver coal, Molly realises her job was important after all. She and Thomas go off to get more trucks, stopping only to tease Gordon, who was stopped at a crossing to let them pass.




  • This is the first episode since the fifth season episode, Horrid Lorry where Sir Topham Hatt appears, but does not have a speaking role.
  • A few pictures shows deleted scenes where Thomas found the tarpaulins when he and Molly were at Kirk Ronan Junction after Gordon made fun of Molly.
  • This episode is the only episode where Molly appears as a main character to date.


  • Before Molly runs away, Gordon's front bogie wheels are derailed.
  • When Molly and Thomas arrive at the coaling plant, mechanism can be seen on the undercarriage of the last truck Thomas is pushing.
  • When Henry came up to Molly, Molly's lamp is facing backwards.


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